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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I have bought and sold four homes over the years, and dealt with a number of realtors during those processes. Cindy is the best realtor one could ask for. She gave me excellent advice on all issues relating to the sale of my home. She is direct, but extremely personable, and was patient when I felt over my head with the details of selling a home in Massachusetts. I came to have great faith in her judgement. I Consider myself very fortunate to have Cindy as my realtor.

24 April 2023, 13:41 PM

Cindy is a true professional. Throughout the 19 months we looked for our home, she was extremely supportive. She was also more knowledgeable than we expected, often offering advice that ultimately helped us buy our perfect home. We are very happy and thrilled with our experience through Five College Realtors. I would highly recommend Cindy Owens to anyone looking for a home and a wonderful buying/selling experience!

It was a pleasure working with Cindy. We were first-time homebuyers and she walked us through the entire process. She really heard us when we told her what we were looking for in a house. Cindy is very patient, dedicated, and knowledgeable. We enjoyed looking at houses with her and highly recommend her to anyone!

Cindy, was great to work with. She's the first agent my wife and I felt we could trust. She cautioned when necessary and didn't push us at any time into an offer. Cindy wants to make sure you as the buyer are comfortable with the purchase and that you won't run into negativ surprises shortly after. She showed great knowledge regarding the state of technical issues visible or potentially in waiting of properties viewed.

If I'd ever purchase another home, sell our current property or even if I have an issue or question, she's te one I'd get in touch with again.

My family and I are very happy we found Cindy and had her support going through the rough path of purchase!

I highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking to sell their home, and/or to anyone in the market to buy a new home. I worked with Cindy in selling my house, and in down-sizing and purchasing a new home. Cindy knows the local area extremely well, and she works tirelessly! I found her to be very responsive, and someone who clearly understood my needs. In a sometimes difficult and trying process, she is unfailingly calm, and will always goes to bat for you. I really appreciate Cindy's professional expertise and her positive attitude no matter what difficulties or unexpected hiccups arise.

Cindy Owens and the Five College Realtors Agency are truly deserving of an all-5 star rating. If you are reading this, I can assure you with complete confidence she is an excellent (if not the best) choice to represent you as a buyer, seller, or both! They are all of the highest caliber and Cindy specifically is an amazing person who will work her hardest for you. She will always be the first person we call should we ever need representation in Western Massachusetts. 

Local Knowledge - Cindy knows the ins-and-outs of the entire area. She is a great resource for getting the real, accurate details of a location (Sunderland and Westfield homes, and surrounding areas)

Process Expertise - Cindy has a near-encyclopedic knowledge and was literally instructing other real estate agents involved in our purchase and sale what to do. 

Responsiveness - By text, phone, or email, she responds very quickly if not immediately. She makes you feel as though you are her only client!

Details of our experience: We have been working with Cindy for the entire duration we have been in Sunderland from purchase in 2010 to purchase and sale in 2014. Since the day we first met her at an open house showing for another agent, she stood out to us as a different kind of agent - she was genuinely interested in our best interests as clients. Before we decided to have her represent us, we were blown away with her friendliness, professionalism, and above all, honesty. With out hesitation, we decided to have her represent us as buyers in 2010 for the purchase of a condo in Sunderland. What was most impressive was her encyclopedic knowledge of details relating to the purchase and sale of homes (will describe more below). She continuously impressed my father-in-law, who is a professional HVAC tradesman with details that he would only expect from fellow HVAC professionals. At the end of the purchase, we were so happy with our experience we purchased her a Thank You gift. To our surprise, we received a New-Home gift from her as well! It just showed after the fact that she was truly invested in us as people, not just clients.

Negotiation Skills - She is no push-over! She will work for your best interests and she is realistic and direct when it comes to negotiation.

After a year, we decided to move and with out hesitation contacted Cindy to represent us as sellers. Due to the economy, we sold the condo after three years of being on the market in 2014. Through out the whole time, Cindy was amazing! She stayed with us the entire duration and worked her hardest to arrange open houses, private showings, and made practical, high impact suggestions for home improvement. We truly did not fully appreciate how professional she is until we received an offer and pursued the purchase of our new home. As a representative agent for both purchase and selling a property, we were so fortunate to have Cindy and her associates including Attorney Matthieu Massengill of Mass Elder Planning in Amherst, MA. The two of them made a powerhouse team that not only ensured that all of our paperwork and issues were in order, but the other Real Estate agents were in line as well! It became quickly clear the agent representing the buyers for our location was very unprofessional and the agent representing the seller of our property was highly inexperienced. We closed on both properties on schedule only because Cindy and Matt worked all hours, tooth-and-nail to ensure that everything was completed properly and on schedule. I am still amazed that I am sitting here, writing this review for Cindy, in my new home. Even when things (inevitably) started becoming rocky and we were losing hope to close on time, she (and Matt) kept us on track never losing her professionalism or drive to get us successfully to our goal!

If you are still reading this, I can not honestly describe in words the level of gratitude we have for her for Cindy Owens. Honestly, I don't know where we would be right now if we didn't have her representing us. Cindy is a rare find and all of the agents at Five College Realtors and associates are truly of the highest caliber. We would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Cindy or any of her fellow agents first if they are interested in purchasing or selling in Western Massachusetts. My wife and I insisted on writing this review for her and I am glad we should share our overwhelming positive experience with you as a prospective buyer or seller.

After attending an open house on our own and realizing we needed more guidance, we asked friends for a recommendation on obtaining a buyer’s agent. A coworker bought a condo a few years ago in South Amherst and highly recommended Cindy. We contacted Cindy one afternoon and set up a house viewing for just an hour later. We worked with Cindy for about seven months finding our home and we couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative to have Cindy help us through this process. Cindy responded to emails more promptly than we even expected and always answered the call, regardless of the time of day. We looked at dozens of houses, had a few sales fall through, and dealt with difficult selling agents but Cindy remained positive and adamant that we will eventually find our home, "whether I have to show you one house or one hundred.” Obtaining the home we purchased was no easy feat. We dealt with very difficult sellers and closing dates that were pushed back over two and a half months later than the original date. There were many times we considered walking away and continuing the search, but Cindy knew this was the house for us and fought to ensure we got what we wanted. Cindy worked tirelessly to ensure that the process of buying our first home ended successfully. Cindy was our number one advocate throughout this entire process and we recommend her 1000%. Thanks Cindy for everything!!

"My husband and I approached the prospect of retaining a buyer agent with some skepticism, after hearing stories about others’ buyer agents who had pressed their clients to purchase sooner, larger, or more expensive than they wanted in order to make a commission. However, we very quickly learned that Cindy Owens is NOT that kind of agent. In fact, Cindy is the best thing that could have happened to us in the home buying process and we feel extraordinarily fortunate to have worked with her!
What was immediately apparent to us was Cindy’s solid professionalism. She has considerable expertise, not only about real estate processes, but also about homes. As we visited prospective homes, Cindy never pressured us with a positive spin on what we were seeing but instead remained neutral and pointed out various features—positive and negative—that we may have missed ourselves. Her objective comments were very valuable to us. More importantly, when the time came to make an offer and work with the lawyer on a purchase and sale agreement, we also benefited tremendously from her knowledge, experience, and remarkable savvy. Cindy clearly understands how to navigate a complex process to the best advantage of her clients and how to advocate effectively on their behalf. She is, quite simply, the ideal buyer agent.
Our experience working with Cindy was very positive personally, as well as professionally. She is a person of integrity and we came to trust her judgment and rely on her support. When we became discouraged in our search, she encouraged us to have faith, continue looking, and not settle for less than what we wanted. She assured us that we would find the right home … and we did! Throughout the process, we could not have had a better partner, advocate, or agent than Cindy Owens. We have great respect and appreciation for her, both as a person and as a professional. We are currently settling into our new home and happily making it our own, thanks to Cindy!”

Detailed oriented,caring and efficient. Great personality, skilled negotiator. Persistent and determined . Able to read and understand every situation . Has access to brilliant and talented people within her team.

Always above and beyond the call of duty. Will do whatever to make your sale or purchase a seamless venture. Very highly recommended”

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